Safety Educationis mandatory according to Korean law.

We have this safety education in order to provide information on various risks, ensure the safety of the research laboratories and prevent accident.
In order for you to be properly prepared, please be sure to take this course.

1. Reference

  • Training is provided in accordance with Article 18 of The Laboratory Safety Environment Law, Article 17 of its enforcement ordinance and Article 9 of its enforcement regulation.

2. Target of Education

  • Researchers, university students and university students as research assistants who are engaged in research and development activiteis in organizations such as universities and research agencies.

3. Required hours and period to complete safety education

  • The Laboratory Safety Environment Law requires 6 hours of training to be completed every six months depending on the type of research and experiments being completed.
  • Once the Safety Education Certificate expires, you are required to complete this training in order to renew your certification

Safety Education Procedure

Confirm course to takeTake course for safety educationSolve evaluation test questionsPrint out the certificate

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